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Multipurpose Room Rental Information

Maximum Capacity:
Multipurpose Room (M R): 100 occupants      (2 Hrs) $125.00     (4 Hrs) $175.00    (6 Hrs) $225.00   (8 Hrs) $300.00
Large Classroom (Room #1): 18 occupants      
(2 Hrs) $50.00       (4 Hrs) $75.00      (6 Hrs) $90.00
Small Classroom ( Room #3) : 6 occupants      (2 Hrs) $35.00       (4 Hrs) $60.00      (6Hrs) $75.00


Set up and Clean up are both included in your rental time. No extra time outside of hourly slots paid for are given.

Reservation Policy:

  • A reservation deposit of $100.00 is required for the rental of Macedonia's facility. 

  • Balance of your reservation will be due two weeks prior to your scheduled date.

  • There is a $25.00 fee on all returned check.

  • Groups may not charge admission or collect donations from the general public or sell items to make a profit without special permission.

  • To reserve a room, please call 336-883-0300.

Rental Regulations :

- No alcohol allowed
- No signs/ banners on the walls
- No open flames
- No cooking
- Tables and chairs may be used from other rooms, but must be returned before leaving.
- We do NOT loan any items
- Rental space area includes multipurpose room, kitchen( for food preparation), and access to the restroom in the lobby.
- The room must be surrendered at the end of rental agreement unless prior arrangements were made with the Director.
- Garbage must be taken out by the renter prior to checkout.
- We give time reminders when there is 1 hour remaining on the contract, then again at 30 min, and again at 15 mins if needed. 

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