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About Us

Our History

In the past 10 years, what began with a donation from Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, the mission of Macedonia family resource Center has been “To Empower ALL People by Enriching Their Spiritual, Social, and Family Lives in God’s Love.”  While this mission statement as a whole defines the desired outcome, the word EMPOWER emphasizes our methods in achieving this goal.


The mission of Macedonia Family Resource Center is: To Empower All People By Enriching Their Spiritual, Social, and Family Lives in God’s Love. We do this by identifying the needs of the Macedonia Community, designing programs and implementing them to provide emergency services and educational tools to better the future of the people in need.


Macedonia Family Resource Center is not just any non-profit agency. Our goal is not just to provide a temporary fix to the issues that plague this community, but rather to offer options for positive change.

In 2003, UNCG conducted a study to determine the needs and challenges facing this community. At the core, one of the greatest problems facing the residents in this area was illiteracy. This was only the beginning.

With the initial donation from Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church and lots of hard work from High Point Residents, the changes began with the youngest members of this community’s education through a Head Start Program.

The youth in this community needed options. Macedonia met this next challenge head on by creating and implementing many youth programs that not only give the youth a place to go, but by providing only programs that promote positive change in the mind, body, and spirit. 

Programs such as “Cooking with Dave, which teaches not only basic cooking skills, but also healthier living choices; Dance classes, which provide a fun way to get some exercise; video and photography classes, which gave the youth a new way to look at the world and youth baseball, where teamwork is a key component are just a few of the ways the youth are now engaged. In recent years, Infinity and Beyond summer camp has provided more than summer day care, but by being math and Science based it has continued the education they get at school in a fun way that keeps the children interested in learning year round. All of these programs also introduce the youth to potential college and career options they might have otherwise not been exposed to.

While the younger members of this community are the future, they are part of the bigger picture. 

The needs of this community plague the whole family, so Macedonia expanded into programs that empower the whole family, youth to seniors. The challenges facing each generation are different so the idea is to tailor the programs to each. With our satellite library, transportation for our residents is no longer the problem for access to computers for job searches, resume help, or tax assistance. With partnerships such as GTCC, GED classes meet right here in the neighborhood.  And for the immigrant population, English as a Second Language classes help assuage the language barriers. Then, by organizing a neighborhood association, we ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.

All of these programs, and the many more not listed here, offer not only a temporary fix to the issues at hand, but rather long term solutions. They are the foundation of building this community to be stronger than ever in the future. The life skills gained through these programs are building blocks for the futures of not only the youth and their families; they are promoting a pride in community that will have a ripple effect throughout the city of High Point for many generations to come. This pride in where they live and the sense of community will lead to a more productive future for this city while lowering the rates of crime and unemployment.

Macedonia is committed to the growth of an entire city starting with this one small corner. We do not simply raise money to hand out for a temporary solution to a generational problem, but rather we offer life skills and options to break those cycles.  We do not simply help, but strive to make a real change in the lives of these residents as well as the long term growth of the city as whole.

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